High-Yield Corporate Deposit Accounts

Boost Your Business's Cash with Higher Interest Rates

Optimize Your Company's Cash Potential: Earn 4.0-5.0% APR With Up To $50 Million Federal Insurance

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million of
Federal Coverage


Accrued Daily Paid Monthly

Federally Insured

Your Deposits are federally insured, with up to $50 million of coverage per tax ID. Funds are spread among multiple institutions to offer a higher level of insurance compared to a single institution

Competitive Interest Rates

With hundreds of banks and credit unions in network your account receives consistently high yields well above generic bank interest accounts

Next Day Liquidity

Access to next day liquidity with no penalties. You can withdraw your funds with ease at any time without incurring any fees or penalties.

No Account Fees or Penalties

There is no cost to open or maintain your account, and no hidden fees.

  • Federally Insured
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Next Day Liquidity
  • No Account Fees or Penalties

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Property MGMT & HOAs

Business Assets & Startups

Non-Profits & Public Works

Americans Missed Out On $603 Billion

in interest over the last 8 years by sticking with big banks
Source: WSJ *

starting at

0.01% APR

starting at

0.01% APR

starting at

0.05% APR

starting at

0.15% APR

Competitor rates retrieved from each institution’s website in May 2023.

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